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Lisa Brooks, LCSW

Embrace your

“I used to be a trauma therapist for little people. Now I encourage BIG people to brave change, learn self-compassion, and accept themselves fiercely.” – Lisa Brooks

Lisa Brooks is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and full-time lecturer in the School of Social Work at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. For the first 20 years of her clinical career she specialized in treating childhood trauma and conducting forensic interviews. While this work was extraordinarily rewarding and passion fueled, it ultimately led her to feel disconnected from herself. In 2017, Lisa began to recognize symptoms of extreme burnout and made the bold decision to turn her life upside down and prioritize her own health and wellness. As a result, she opened a coaching practice for women that she runs out of her sister’s Pilates studio, became a sought after speaker/storyteller and now refers to herself as a “Professional Encourager”. Lisa lives in Wilmington, NC with her husband and two teenage sons. She is crazy about movement, transformation, authenticity and connection and believes that there is nothing more important than being true to yourself.

Our Topic: Teach to your Talents

Our greatest teachers know who they are, what their talents are and how to connect to their students. They are open minded, full of creativity, receptive to feedback and don’t fall into the trap of right and wrong. They know their boundaries and rely on their unique personalities, gifts, wisdom and experience to meet their clients where they are. They are energized by the idea of lifelong learning and are enthusiastic about new ideas. They have mastered the fundamentals but they also have that special something that cannot be duplicated. They intentionally blend the art and science of their craft and can adapt according to the person in front of them. Their freedom and authenticity is contagious and the very thing that draws their students to them.

Through storytelling and authenticity, Lisa shares her top three strategies for teaching to your talents. She shares the beauty of “doing you” by embracing your gifts, personality, quirks and imperfections and leveraging them to bring your best self to your practice. She discusses the importance of staying in your own lane, trusting your process and remaining focused in an effort to increase creativity and connection and decrease your risk of burnout. Lisa encourages attendees to see that approaching Pilates with curiosity, respect and fun frees them to find their voice by putting their own signature on their work without feeling the pressure to compete or compare within the profession they love.

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