Meredith Butulis

Meredith Butulis

Meredith Butulis DPT, MS, OCS, CIMT, C-EP, CPT, CES, PES, GFI, PMA®–CPT  is a dance medicine specialized physical therapist, Pilates instructor, and personal trainer in practice since 2002. She holds her Doctorate from Northeastern University, MBA from Globe University, as well as several additional degrees and certifications. She blends the medical training and continuously developing research from these fields with a first hand appreciation of dance as an art form. She works in Eden Prairie, MN at Twin Cities Orthopedics and Education4Dance. When she’s not working, Meredith continues her own performing and choreographic passions on the Fitness Universe tour, where she ranks 2nd in the world. Prior to this, she performed professionally with Kelly Donovan, Impulse Dance, and Medusa Dance while also serving as a physical therapist for three Broadway shows and the Radio City Rockettes.

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