Marylee Bussard

Marylee Bussard

Marylee Bussard, PMA®-CPT, ATSI, is the owner of Chaturanga Fitness in Chicago, and the Director of the Chicago School of Pilates®. She was trained through Power Pilates and is co-author of Functional Anatomy of the Pilates Core (Lotus Publishing). She’s a graduate of New College of Florida, a massage therapist, and an Anatomy Trains Structural Integration practitioner, and she teaches Pilates at the University of Chicago. Mostly, she is invested in movement as a path of empowerment and healing, and she brings to her practice a passion for the wonders of neurobiology, bio-tensegrity, and the interconnectedness of all things.

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How to Establish Priorities, Discern Progress, & Empower Students

Great teachers don’t just teach content, they awaken curiosity and gradually empower students to take full responsibility for their learning. By focusing on foundational movement lessons, and understanding how to strategically reinforce them in new and increasingly challenging ways, Pilates teachers have all the tools we need to establish priorities, tailor lessons to individual needs, […]