Mary Bowen

Mary Bowen

Mary Bowen, PMA®-CPT, at 88, is the eldest Pilates Elder still teaching. She is an outstanding mentor, as she supports each Pilates teacher’s creativity and self-development at any stage of their Pilates career. Mary has lived Pilates for 58 years. At 29, in 1959, for six and a half years twice a week she studied with Joe and Clara themselves. Lessons for her did not end after Joe’s passing. Consecutively for 7 years each she studied with Bob Seed, Romana Kryzanowska, Kathy Grant, Bruce King who died after only 5 years , Jean Claude West (who had learned the Pilates Method at Mary’s studio in MA) and Christine Wright for 20 years from 1995-2015 until she moved to Toronto. For 56 years Mary took private lessons for herself. In her words: “I believe a teacher should always stay a student.” Mary’s Pilates evolved with each teacher into her own style and distillation. Mary’s early career was in theatre as an actress/singer/comedienne which is still evident to those who are lucky enough to work with her. Since 1970, now 47 years ago and ongoing, Mary has had her own practice as a Jungian psychoanalyst. It was in 1975, 16 years into her own Pilates work, when Romana gave her permission to teach Pilates. Mary’s analytical clients were all asking for this as they passed her Pilates machines at the back of her office in MA. For 20 years Mary kept the analyst and the Pilates teacher separate but parallel, until 1995, when without intention the two professions combined in the teaching of Pilates in order to help and settle down both clients and teachers when they needed more understanding of what the problems they were having were about. By the year 2000 this combination had become Mary’s unique signature offering at the PMA – PILATES PLUS PSYCHE. Mary mentors in NYC (mostly psychological work there), and at her two Pilates home/studios in Killingworth, CT and Northampton, MA. She accepts students at all levels. Her favorite offering is a “Weekend, 2 full days, 14 hours of 1-1 Mentoring on Pilates Plus Psyche,” working with clients on “wherever they are in their lives and in their Pilates journey.” Mary offers workshops and presents at conferences throughout the U.S. and abroad in Europe, the Near East, Japan, Singapore, Australia, and South America (so far). Mary is a founding member of PMA presenting this year the 18th time at PMA’s Annual Meeting. It is her pleasure to warmly welcome all old and new members to PMA’s extensive Pilates family!

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Pilates Plus Psyche: The Forlorn Ribcage

If we are ever to breathe well, our ribs and our diaphragm must receive much more of our focus and attention. The source of restricted breathing is personal, collective, cultural and metaphysical. It’s a huge problem. In 43 years of teaching Pilates and 59 years of living Pilates I have never yet seen or experienced […]