Mariska Breland

Mariska Breland

Mariska Breland, PMA®-CPT, is the lead instructor for Fuse Pilates, a contemporary Pilates studio in Washington, D.C. She began practicing Pilates in 1999 and teaching in 2003. As part of her Pilates qualification through BASI Pilates, she completed a research project on Pilates for MS patients, which she expanded into an in-depth Pilates for Neurological Conditions teacher training, incorporating the latest research in neuroplasticity and neurorehabilitation. A student of neuroscience, Mariska has designed additional workshops focusing on integrating brain science into exercise programs to enhance performance and improve neurological function. Her workshops and classes have been featured on Pilates Anytime.

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Hacking the Nervous System to Improve Exercise Performance

Ever get one of those tough clients whose body just won’t respond to standard cues or assists? Have clients with neurological deficits or strong clients who you want to push even further? In this workshop, we’ll study how to hack into the neural circuitry of the central and peripheral nervous systems to improve your or […]