Irene Dowd

Irene Dowd

Irene Dowd is on the dance faculty of the Juilliard School, the Hollins University/ADF MFA program in dance, and Movement Research. She has been a guest faculty at many universities, conservatories and dance companies throughout the US and Canada. Irene is the recipient of the 2014 Balasaraswati/Joy Ann Dewey Beinecke Chair for Distinguished teaching at ADF, recipient of the 2015 Juilliard School John Erskine Faculty Prize, and the 2016 Dance Science and Somatics Educators Lifetime Service Award from DSSE (Dance Science and Somatic Educators). Author of Taking Root to Fly (now in the 11th printing of the 3rd edition), she has maintained a private practice in kinesthetic anatomy and neuromuscular re-education for over 45 years in New York City. Irene has choreographed for Peggy Baker, Margie Gillis and other solo dancers. She continues to be a student of Pilates-based work with Lisa Love and Jean Claude West. Recently, she completed a digital archive which can be viewed at:

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Post-Con: Actively Living in the Now: Developing Pilates Based Programs for the Fit Elderly

Taught by Irene Dowd and assisted by Steven Fetherhuff. As we move through life into maturity, our strategies may need to change. Since longevity is increasing, it becomes more and more essential to find ways to safely move through our rapidly changing world (without withdrawing from the activities we enjoy). We will discuss and explore […]