Ilaria Cavagna

Ilaria Cavagna

Ilaria Cavagna, PMA®-CPT, is a skilled trainer and Pilates instructor with the background of an athlete and a performer. She completed a Bachelor of Movement Science in Italy in 1997 and obtained a Pilates certificate in New York City from Romana Kryzanowska. The recent and innovative SOMA-TRAINING studies gave her an understanding of both the beauty and function of the human body when properly trained. Ilaria is based in New York City and travels worldwide to teach seminars for trainers of both Pilates and ELDOA Method®. Ilaria is also the founder of High Heel Rescue®.

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How Do We Teach? Visual, Verbal and Tactile

To teach and to improve the way we teach, we not only have to be knowledgeable about the body and the exercises, but we also need to be able to communicate this knowledge and transfer it to our clients. During our classes VISUAL, VERBAL and TACTILE cues keep alternating and overlapping like a smooth dance. […]