Carrie Pages

Carrie Pages

Carrie Pages, PMA®-CPT has dedicated her work, life, and creativity to sharing the gift of Pilates with her students for nearly two decades. She is the owner and senior instructor of In Balance Pilates Studio and founder and facilitator of the In Balance Pilates Teacher Training Program. In 2016, Carrie won the Pilates Anytime Next Instructor Competition. She’s been featured in Pilates Style Magazine, Pilates Unfiltered, and is a contributor for Pilates Intel, an online Pilates magazine. Her most recent project,, is an online resource for students and instructors to take classes, observe instructional tutorials, watch demonstrations of the classical exercises, and get studio management tips. You can see Carrie’s daily tutorials on Instagram: carrie_pages_pilates and Facebook: Carrie Pages Pilates.

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Wunda Chair: Fun Variations and Dynamic Sequencing

In this creative Wunda Chair workshop you’ll learn new exercises and creative transitions. We will look at how sequencing the exercises and limiting spring changes will make teaching on the chair flow more easily and deliver powerful results.