Lori Coleman-Brown

Lori Coleman-Brown

Lori Coleman-Brown, MPT, PMA®-CPT, has three decades of Pilates teaching experience and is currently Director of Education at Atlas Pilates in Seattle. She develops next generation Pilates instructors through her comprehensive teacher training program, mentors experienced Pilates instructors and maintains a weekly clientele. She was handpicked by Pilates elder Romana Kryzanowska as a Level II Teacher Trainer, a post she held for over 10 years. Highly regarded for her refined skills, open approach, and commitment to the integrity of the work, she is sought after by Pilates studios and conferences around the world. She is a favorite presenter on Pilatesology.

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The “Arm Box”, A Movement Metaphor

The “Arm Box” is anatomical imagery that Pilates teachers can utilize with clients to quickly and powerfully organize the upper body. We’ll explore how the spine and ribcage orient, move with and through The Arm Box as we play with Joseph Pilates’ brilliant whole body exercise system. Learn to use this simple and effective imagery […]