2020 Advertising Opportunities

Push Notifications: $150 (4 Available)

  • 1 push notification sent to all attendees via the mobile app during the event (140 character limit)

Tote-bag inserts: $200 - $500 insertion fee + receiving fee

  • One product (item sample, food, personal hygiene or fitness related product) - $200
  • One piece of literature or brochure - $300
  • Company catalog - $500
  • Please note items will be accepted at the discretion of the PMA. Aside from insertion fee, companies are responsible for paying all handling fees associated with receiving your packages.

Mobile App Banner: $300 (4 Available)

  • A banner ad within the PMA conference mobile app linked to your site
  • Get your brand in the hands of all conference attendees as they navigate thru our conference mobile app for the duration of the event!

Ready to get your brand noticed?