Body Organics

Take your knowledge deeper with Body Organics Education. We understand that movement education is more than just teaching a series of exercises. It is about understanding the components of movement and the cues that can get a person to move and to go through the processes of recovery, integration and conditioning. We are based in Australia and take our pilates and movement courses around the world. Body Organics Education provides innovative and practical resource manuals, complete with photographs and illustrations. These manuals have been developed over many years, drawing on the expertise of experienced pilates teachers, physical therapists, occupational therapists, osteopaths, nutritionists, naturopaths and more. Inside the manuals you will find detailed movement analysis, explanations and reasoning. Makarlu by Body Organics is innovative, stylish, elegant and timeless. Words you don’t often hear associated with movement and rehabilitation products! Makarlu breaks new ground in the field of studio props and tools that facilitate proprioception, myofascial release, balance and movement. Makarlu is where function blends with form; where exceptional materials combine with intelligent design; where art meets exercise. Makarlu is a brand inspired by nature. Perfection is so fundamentally simple. Simple is beautiful, timeless and sustainable with Makarlu.

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