Victoria Torrie-Capan

Victoria Torrie-Capan

Victoria Torrie-Capan, PMA®-CPT, is the owner of Pilates on 66, a boutique Pilates studio on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. As an experienced teacher in the competitive landscape of New York City, Victoria has built a diverse client base that is the foundation of her business. Victoria elevates the education and professionalism of the Pilates teacher through workshops and mentorship at Pilates on 66. Victoria began studying Pilates in 2002 at Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland. She completed her BA with extensive coursework incorporating dance therapy, psychology, anatomy and kinesiology. Victoria completed her qualification through Romana’s Pilates in 2005. She delivers the Pilates system through an effective combination of strong cues and client-specific adjustments, and empowers each individual to achieve their unique goal. Victoria guides her clients in building movement strategies. She systematically develops specific movement patterns educating the body through the various environments of Pilates apparatus.

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