Nicole Taylor Steward

Nicole Taylor Steward

Nicole Taylor Steward, PMA®-CPT, began her study of body work during her professional dance career. After an ankle injury, she began studying alternative forms of movement-based methodologies including Pilates and GYROTONIC®. As she learned more about her own body and its needs, she was better able to understand how to guide clients through focused, goal oriented sessions that yield results. Her objective as an instructor is to empower clients to know and be better in their own bodies thus making the work an integral part of their lifestyle. She is a graduate of The Chicago School of Massage Therapy and a GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Instructor. She is a professional dancer and until summer of 2017 was on staff at the Chicago High School for the Performing & Visual Arts. From 2009 through 2014, she was an Educator for McEntire Pilates. In the summer of 2014 she developed the oneBody Pilates Teacher Training Apprenticeship. This work is wholly influenced by over 17 years of education and teaching, but especially by her ongoing mentorship with Deborah Lessen, a longtime student of Carola Trier, who worked directly with Joseph Pilates himself.

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The Form & Function of Cueing

This workshop is intended to encourage the instructor to establish and/or reiterate effective components of cueing. These components include clear and active starting positions, opposition, sufficient energy, and assessing/reassessing for more effective movement patterns. Instructors will use these tools to better see and understand what needs to be cued and how to cue in order […]