Mary Thornton

Mary Thornton

Mary Thornton, MCSP, PMA┬«-CPT, is a Chartered Physiotherapist and Pilates Foundation trained teacher who has been using Pilates in her clinical practice since 1998. She is the Director of the Clinical Pilates Studio, East Sussex, UK which specializes in movement rehabilitation ( Before opening her clinic she worked extensively within the UK’s National Health Service private practice as a senior clinician, specialising in muscular skeletal and women’s health treatment. Mary lectures to clinicians and teachers on all aspects of clinical Pilates and devised the program for the UK’s first equestrian Pilates DVD Pilates for Riders.

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Hypermobility – Keeping it In the Box!

Mary will be presenting an overview of hypermobility, examining this complex pathology and its vast spectrum of symptoms. We will examine the muscular skeletal dysfunctions that may present in these clients and explore the importance of correct verbal cueing and appropriate touch to facilitate stability of the lower limbs and pelvis. The outcome of the […]