Lolita San Miguel

Lolita San Miguel

Lolita San Miguel, PMA®-CPT, born in New York, is a first generation Pilates teacher and has been practicing Pilates for 58 years. She was certified by Joseph Pilates through the State University of New York. Lolita also earned certificates from Carola Trier and Polestar Pilates. After a distinguished career in dance, Lolita moved with her husband to Puerto Rico in 1977 where she founded Ballet Concierto de Puerto Rico and Pilates y Más, Inc. Her Master Mentor Program has graduated “Lolita’s Disciples™” on six continents. Lolita’s Legacy Teacher Training Program is also taught nationally and internationally by her Disciple Educators. Lolita’s 11 DVDs are best sellers. Lolita is proud of her initiative to place a plaque honoring Joseph Pilates on the site where he was born in Mönchengladbach, Germany. She resides in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

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