Laurette Ryan

Laurette Ryan

Laurette Ryan, PMA®-CPT, is the owner of Balancepoint Pilates Teacher Training School since 1999. Laurette is a national Pilates and fitness presenter, CEC provider for PMA, AFAA and NASM and has taught movement classes and provided continuing education for fitness professionals for four decades. She is the author of “The Pilates Mat Coloring Book”, “Basic Cuing for Pilates Teachers”, “Ready for Pilates for Everybody”, “The Professional Pilates Teachers Handbook” and “Jump Ahead”, books for movement teachers and business professionals. She enjoys writing articles on Pilates, fitness and inspiration and is a regular columnist for VIE magazine. She is a developer of innovative in-person and online learning experiences. “In the tiniest of movements lies the key to progress.”

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Teaching the Fragile or Extremely Sedentary Client

Have you ever had that client who is so fragile, you’re not quite sure what to do with them? Have you ever felt that a traditional workout might actually be dangerous? For many of these clients there is a proven path toward a healthy exercise regimen, rich with Pilates and Pilates-based movement. This workshop provides […]