Kelly Hale

Kelly Hale

Kelly Hale, MS, OTR/L, IMTC, PMA┬«-CPT, brings a refreshing mix of experience and insight, as she combines rehabilitation, holistic healing and movement science. She is continually fascinated by the body’s innate ability to heal through movement. Her work is sought out for her unique, synergistic approach that goes beyond the diagnosis and functional deficits to examine the true root causes, such as tripped-up-reflexes, cranial-sacral system disruption, and an unintegrated nervous systems. Kelly holds numerous trainings and qualifications in Pilates and unique modalities such as Brain Gym and Body Ecology. She loves inspiring health and wellness professionals throughout the country as an educator and presenter.

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Applying the Wisdom of Reflexes in Pilates

Pilates is filled with opportunities for supporting BRAIN health. Have you ever considered how the method can support cognitive health, concussion healing, ADD/ADHD or decrease anxiety and stress? Discover how homo-lateral vs. contra-lateral movement can enhance or inhibit brain function. Investigate how primitive and life-long reflexes can be assessed and incorporated into your Pilates programming […]