Hadar Schwartz

Hadar Schwartz

Hadar Schwartz, BPT, PMA┬«-CPT, is the professional director and chief instructor at Tel Aviv University Pilates studio as well as the Head of the Certification Programs there since 2010. Hadar is a Physical Therapist (Tel Aviv University, 2008) and is now completing her requirements for MSc program in Tel Aviv University. She holds several international Pilates certificates since 2002. Hadar is part of the Pilates & Rehab team at the Israeli Disabled Veterans Organization where polytrauma clients exercise using Pilates technique on a daily basis. She has a rehabilitation clinic at Tel Aviv University where a team of five physical therapists works with neurological and orthopedic clients. She is also a pioneer collaborator of Heroes in Motion┬« – an international initiative by PMA.

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Managing Chronic Pain in the Pilates Studio

Every Pilates instructor encounters chronic pain clients daily. When facing a client who complains of pain and discomfort, instructors need to find the right words and use an effective strategy to successfully complete the class and maintain their client’s trust and confidence. This workshop will provide Pilates instructors with valuable information including an in-depth understanding […]