Fran Hoyte

Fran Hoyte

Fran Hoyte has been teaching movement since 1989 and Pilates since 2003.  In parallel, she has been in Clinical Research for 27 years experience, and a former chemist.  Her Pilates career started with Power Pilates (2003) and she has been part of the Kane School certification Teaching Faculty since 2006, and previously part of the Equinox Pilates management team for 11 years, and Power Plate faculty ad hoc.  She is a speaker and workshop presenter (including PMA) and has a focus on presentation skills, finding freedom in voice and speech for both clinical research professionals and movement professionals, including Pilates teachers.  She believes being a teacher means always being a student, and that understanding goes hand in hand with curiosity, exploring, and research.  She has continued her own Pilates practice and education with PMA, POT, and wonderful teachers including Juliet Harvey, Phoebe Higgins, Kathy Grant, Ron Fletcher, Bob Liekens, Tom Meyers, Kelly Kane, Mary Bowen, and Jill Miller.  Fran is the owner of Saugatuck Studios in Westport, CT.

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Advanced Presentation & Voice Skills for Pilates Professionals

As Pilates teachers, we are professional presenters and speakers.  Our voices play a defining role in how we see ourselves, and how how we impact others.  The way in which we use our voice and body language with our students has a direct influence on the way our clients listen and then assimilate the work.  […]

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