Claudia Moose

Claudia Moose

Claudia Moose, ATC, CSCS, NASM-PES, PMA®-CPT, has over 25 years of experience in sports medicine, fitness, and conditioning. She earned her B.A. in Movement and Exercise with an emphasis in Sports Medicine from Chapman University and is a Balanced Body Master Instructor. Claudia is co-owner of Absolute Center in Lafayette, California and founder of Primal Movement WORKS! She calls upon her knowledge of manual therapies and exercise studies to fundamentally improve the overall health of her clients. By helping them increase their awareness and knowledge of movement, she helps them become strong, flexible, and resiliently functional.

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Head Neck Control: Understanding and Application for the Pilates Teacher

As Pilates teachers we focus on the strength and positioning of our core but what about our necks? Why is it important to have a good head/neck position? Discover more about the anatomy of the neck and discuss the importance of correct head/neck placement for optimal movement. Join Claudia for an interactive workshop discovering the […]