Brent Anderson

Brent Anderson

Brent Anderson, PT, PhD, OCS, PMA®-CPT, President and CEO of Polestar Pilates Education and Polestar Pilates Center, is a licensed Physical Therapist and Orthopedic Certified Specialist. Brent is a leading authority in performing arts medicine, Pilates for rehabilitation, and pain management through movement and spine health. He lectures widely at national and international symposia and consults with physical therapy companies, universities, and other educational bodies throughout the world. In addition, he owns and operates one of the most comprehensive Pilates conditioning and physical therapy centers which has become a model for many other Pilates studios worldwide. Brent is the founder of Polestar Pilates Education, which currently operates in more than 40 countries and 12 languages. Brent was involved in the development of the PMA Pilates Certification Program, the exam, and served on the Certification Commission.

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Mat Class with Brent Anderson

Alignment, Load and Tempo

This two-hour practical workshop with Dr. Anderson will focus on using the tools of alignment, load and tempo to facilitate efficient motor learning experiences with clients. He will demonstrate how to manipulate these to create desired outcomes during instruction on the Pilates equipment. Dr. Anderson will lead participants through a movement experience from matwork to […]