Pilates Plus Psyche: The Forlorn Ribcage

If we are ever to breathe well, our ribs and our diaphragm must receive much more of our focus and attention. The source of restricted breathing is personal, collective, cultural and metaphysical. It’s a huge problem. In 43 years of teaching Pilates and 59 years of living Pilates I have never yet seen or experienced a client with a natural totally open rib-cage! I mean natural in the way that a healthy animal uses its ribs and its diaphragm in breathing. I’ve worked with and on many beautiful bodies, bodies developing and opening everywhere except in the rib cage. Even to the eye the ribs have stayed young … have stayed “put” … most especially for the historically repressed feminine side of humanity. So what is this about? Why would this be? Come to my workshop to learn the answers!