Pilates Plus Psyche: Our Lifelong Quest for Breath! With Mary Bowen

Life and breath go together. We don’t have one without the other. But who breathes perfectly? There is no perfect. Your quality of life and what you give to your clients will be closely tied to the story of your breathing. Where does the Sensate (body) function lie in the structure of your psyche? If it lies up top with your ego, you may be taking breathing for granted and not quest it enough. If it is in the sleepy lazy part of your unconscious, again you could be even uninterested in more breath which is more life, more spirit. You would need inspiration to make the effort to quest breath. Then if you were born an intuitive type with body and breath lying at the bottom barely born regions of your unconscious, breathing will be the most difficult and yet the most spiritual and creative quest of your life. Mary will present many exercises for freeing the breath. She will ask you to focus deeply inside your body, proprioceptive into the head, the mouth, tongue, teeth, jaw into wherever and whatever has not moved or freed up yet. There will be all kinds of breathing and magnificent yawning. This workshop may feel odd to the inhibited among us which would make it even more helpful.

4 CECs Additional Fee Pre-Con Workshop (h)