Enjoy the full Pilates Experience! History, Pre/Post Mat, Apparatus Challenge, With Lolita San Miguel

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Come listen to historical anecdotes of Lolita’s experiences with Joseph and Clara Pilates and Carola Trier. Pre and Post Pilates Mat. An opportunity to move all participants progressively and organically from the get-go, starting with a wall posture check, continuing with breathing on the mat followed by supine, sidelying, prone and quadruped moves and closing the segment with a standing cool down. Lolita invites Reformer, Trapeze Table, Chair and Ladder Barrel movement requests that participants would like to review with her. Challenge yourself! Time limitations, physical issues, age, sporadic and inconsistent attendance, and lack of technical movement experience often keep many teachers locked into their comfort zones, which maintains them satisfied with just being “good.” But as Voltaire said, “good is the enemy of great” and contributes to keeping you from executing and integrating the full range of Pilates movements. Suddenly an elite athlete or dancer walks in and you realize you have been out of touch with those advanced movements, which are the “fun” ones. Therefore, it is a must to challenge yourself when doing your own workout, which I hope you do five times a week minimum. This will help you stay in shape, healthy and retain your ease at all levels of the Pilates Method. HE DID!

4 CECs Additional Fee Pre-Con Workshop (d)