Z-Health Performance

Z-Health is both an educational curriculum and integrated training methodology that is neuroscience driven, integrated, advanced, and ever evolving. We are dedicated to training and supporting the top 1% in their field of work, and to changing the global landscape of health & fitness. The end goal of our curriculum is to create professionals who are unparalleled in their ability to provide rehabilitation, fitness training and sports performance coaching to their clients through a brain-based lens. Regardless of your field of interest – pain relief, movement rehabilitation, fitness, or elite level sport – a neurocentric approach offers an amazingly diverse set of tools to help you and your clients achieve your goals in an incredibly fast, innovative and efficient way. The Z-Health curriculum and training process has been systematically designed, tested and then redesigned based on emerging research and real-world application over the last 20 years. The professionals who study with us walk away with hundreds of drills, immediate implementation protocols, and most importantly the ability to blend what they learn with what they already know using our principle-based methods.