Rollology Fitness

ROLLOLOGY, developed by Second Generation Master Pilates Instructor Alyson Limehouse, is a cutting edge discipline that starts with the core using a foam roller. The ROLLOLOGY technique stems from the Feldenkreis method and Pilates, which work together by stretching and strengthening the abdominals to properly align and support the body for optimal posture.

ROLLOLOGY is for all ages, body types and athletic levels. Not only does this method create longer, leaner muscles and better support for the body, it is therapeutic for those with injury. Today’s society is very sedentary with the constant rise of technology. More and more people are developing upper and lower back issues due to the daily use of computers, smart phones, tablets and even driving, causing the body to become hunched over. Using ROLLOLOGY counteracts this issue by forcing the head, neck and shoulders into a more open and forward position.

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