2017 Call for Research

The PMA supports ongoing research as an integral part of the evolution and practice of the Pilates method. Sound research and evidence-based practice is necessary to ensure that Pilates is effective, efficient, and safe. Justification of our method is not only important to us as practitioners, but also to our clients/patients and to all other professionals participating in health and wellness. Every year at the PMA’s Annual Meeting, a Research Forum is held.

Practitioners are invited to submit their abstracts for consideration for an opportunity to present their research as part of the Forum. We hope that Pilates practitioners around the world will take this opportunity to share their knowledge and experience with the rest of the Pilates community. Through shared knowledge, we can build and develop a body of research that can inform practitioners and clients, and continue to explore how and in which contexts the Pilates method can be effectively applied. The PMA encourages Pilates teachers to get involved with conducting research and submitting reports on their findings by creating Case Reports which can be shared with the community.

If you would like to create a Case Report, please download the following documents:

If you have questions about how to construct your Case Report, please email Lolo Arrieta at loloa@pilatemethodalliance.org. All Case Reports will be reviewed by the Sherri Betz, PT, GCS, PMA-CPT; Chair, Research Committee, and feedback will be provided. If you would like to submit an Abstract for presentation at the next PMA Annual Meeting, please download the following documents:

Questions about Pilates Research? Please email Lolo Arrieta at loloa@pilatemethodalliance.org

Research Forum Presentations:





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